Ethics Material for Government Employees

Public Service is a Public Trust

To protect that trust it is necessary that Government employees uphold the highest ethical standards. Department of Defense (DoD) employees abide by the standards of ethical principles (Principles of Ethical Conduct pdf) and set a personal example for fellow employees in performing official duties within the highest ethical standards. Ethics in Government Act of 1978, October 26, 1978, as amended, the Office of Government Ethics implementing regulations, and the DoD Joint Ethics Regulation DoD 5500.07-R are sources of the standards of ethical conduct and ethics guidance, including direction in the areas of financial and employment disclosures and post-employment rules among other matters. Government employees fulfill the public’s trust when following the ethical standards.

The Office of the Army General Counsel oversees the Army's standards of ethical conduct program and provides advice and support to Headquarters, Department of the Army personnel.

Every Army command, installation, and organization has an Ethics Counselor to advise on ethics and assist the organization have an effective ethics program, conduct ethics training, and properly and timely file required Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE 278 or OGE 450). Ethics Counselors provide Army employees advice and assistance on a wide variety of ethics topics to help employees fulfill the public trust placed in them as they provide public service. An Ethics Counselor is an Army attorney and not the personal attorney of the employee. Information you provide is not protected by an attorney-client relationship. Contact the local legal office to consult an Ethics Counselor.