General Counsel of the US Army

The General Counsel is the chief lawyer of the Army ultimately responsible for determining the Army's position on any legal question. The General Counsel serves as legal counsel to the Secretary, Under Secretary, five Assistant Secretaries, and other members of the Army Secretariat. The General Counsel also exercises technical supervision over the Office of the Judge Advocate General, the Office of the Command Counsel, Army Materiel Command, and the Office of the Chief Counsel, Corps of Engineers.

What's New
  • New ADR Policy for Contract Disputes

    Part 5133 of the Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFARS) has been revised to include Army ADR policy in contract disputes. This policy, stated in new subpart 5133.204, expressly implements current FAR and general Army ADR policy on the voluntary use of informal dispute resolution techniques to resolve claims and potential claims, to the maximum extent practicable and appropriate. The complete provision can be found here: Continued