Mission Policy
ADR Vision, Mission and Goals


Instill world class conflict management and informal dispute resolution capabilities in all interested Army personnel, thereby reducing the costs of conflict, improving the quality of outcomes, and preserving resources for the Army’s national security mission.


Promote and facilitate the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and other informal, collaborative conflict management methods in all Army activities, to resolve disputes at the earliest stage feasible, by the fastest and least expensive method possible, and at the lowest possible organizational level, in support of DoD and Army business transformation objectives.

Strategic Goals

  • Establish and sustain an organic Army conflict management and dispute resolution capability at every level through delivery of world-class ADR and negotiation skills training to Army personnel.
  • Formulate and implement coherent, consistent Army-wide ADR and conflict management policies that promote ADR as the first option to conflict and dispute resolution whenever practicable and appropriate.
  • Facilitate the provision of timely, high-quality third-party neutral and other ADR services to Army field activities whenever and wherever they are required.
  • Identify and eliminate barriers to using or attempting ADR through outreach and awareness education at all echelons of each Army command.