ADR Training
ADR Training Programs

Army policy requires that personnel involved in the resolution of disputes receive ADR training and consider ADR in each case. To that end, the Army ADR Program Office has put a framework in place to establish an Army conflict management and dispute resolution capability at every level. The ADR Program office delivers world-class ADR and negotiation skills training to Army personnel.

We offer myriad training opportunities to meet Army component needs. Training ranges from two hour “ADR Awareness” and “Introduction to ADR” courses to week long “Advanced Mediation” and “Negotiation and Appropriate Dispute Resolution” courses. We will work with your organization to craft and deliver customized presentations to ensure the presentations are valuable to the attendees who might face challenging Workplace, Acquisition, Environmental, and FOIA issues.

ADR Briefings
  • Briefing for Sr. Officials for workplace disputes
  • ADR Program Overview Briefing for workplace disputes
  • ADR Program Overview Briefing for acquisition disputes

ADR Training Materials
  • Interest-Based Negotiation Training
  • Two-Day Course Materials
  • One hour IBN briefing materials
  • Basic Mediation Course (for workplace disputes)
  • Intermediate Mediation Course (for workplace disputes)- availability limited to selected personnel
  • Advanced Mediation Course (for workplace disputes)
  • Negotiation and ADR Advocacy Course (for attorneys)
  • Joint Army/Industry Training for Acquisition Programs - available to selected programs